Server of eXistence

Where is it that we never see each other?
How do we know from here?
Is it ever that I call you that you make me feel?
I’ve had to think so hard to be here
I never even control my issues
I’ve often said that it isn’t even me
I control my substance
I require little
My mind is made up
Of particles from the outside
Culled to perfection
Withdrawn into myself
Free of choice
Forced into chaos
Blessed by the numbers
Killed by the foolish
De-listed by the master planners
Forgotten by the farmers
Thrown over the edge
Pulled into the abyss
Profititized by the masses
Made foolish by the onslaught
Placed in a box
Smeared on the walls
Pasted to the server of existence
My mind
My will
Has been loosened.