1. I remember crossing the street and reminding myself to remember to remember.
2. I remember running my hands along the long display case, thinking about the girl at school that I was pretending not to like.
3. I remember driving by myself for the first time in my sky blue Volkswagen beetle.
4. I remember squirting milk in a puddle with a syringe, and watching the swirley patterns it made.
5. I remember watching her cry and wishing that it was me that she wanted to comfort her.
6. I remember the silence in my head before I knew how to talk.
7. I remember Central Park, begging the pretzel venders because we were hungry and had no money of our own.
8. I remember the pastey look on my brother's face as he sat on the roof tripping on acid.
9. I remember hitting my new watch on the metal railing and watching it drop to the cement floor below.
10. I remember the awkward feeling of talking to my mother’s body as it lay on the hospital bed.