(1 minute clip)
Underneath the Skin V.2
Computer, screen, and matte

'Underneath the Skin' challenges our personal suppositions of soul and what remains after the body is gone.   Without a body, we are neither male, female, short, tall, pretty, frail, hungry, tired, cold, amorous, athletic, forgetful.   As the body may be thought of as a temporary skin that houses the soul, then what is the nature of what lies underneath the skin?

The multiplicity of meaning of the term skin along with the psychological component are mirrored in the defamiliarized skin imagery and abbreviated digitization.   Forming meaning from the fast moving text is similar to the activity that one engages in while trying to determine the nature of oneself by decoding and arranging the clue/events that occur over the time span of experience.

Physical Description:  LCD flatscreen behind a standard photographic matte embedded in a picture frame.   The flatscreen is activated by laptop computer components that are also embedded in the frame.