Collective Consciousness
4-channel video installation
dimensions variable

Collective Consciousness

Our perceptions are not individual. We perceive phenomena as well as the limits of possibility based upon the current understandings of our entire species at this moment in time. For example, music that was wildly popular fifty years ago barely affects most people today, but it’s the same music, so what has changed? Our perceptions of beauty, style, behavior, morality, spirituality, social justice, connectedness, priorities of importance, are all seemingly determined singularly within each of us, but are based upon our perceptions as a group. We generally accept and trust each other’s behavior when congregating in buses, planes, trains, ferries, or in crowds on the street and generally agree upon the manner of our interactions when we are gathered in these ways.
From the moment we are born we are in the presence of others and so we are conscious of ourselves as a group, even when we are alone. We determine everything around us in relation to ourselves as a group. We see ourselves in the constellations of stars in the night sky. We can’t help but imagine our way of thinking projected upon other species, or even inanimate objects. 

The Collective Consciousness four-channel video surrounds and immerses viewers in examples and representations of the underlying collective thought process that we all experience together. It is an illumination of ourselves and our existence, which is always part of our group in its entirety.