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daughters of palestine / personal narratives from the young women of Dheisheh Refugee Camp


Daughters of Palestine is an ongoing project initiated by 6+ in collaboration with the Al Feneiq Cultural Center in Dheisheh Refugee Camp, Palestine. In December 2007, 20 young women from the Dheisheh Refugee Camp and the town of Bethlehem participated in a series of workshops, which involved bookmaking, story-telling, writing and site explorations. The workshops centered on a simple exercise: paying attention to the five senses while walking though the camp, from the home of one participant to the next. This experience was repeated and nuanced over several days, as participants explored the connections between memory, the senses and the familiar places of their daily lives. The young women worked together using video, photography and journal writing, which provided material for further reflection; throughout the process, they composed and shared the story of a personal memory.

This website is a result of the participants wanting to share their stories with you. It contains a map of Dheisheh drawn by the camp residents; the homes of the young women are marked by orange dots. Click on a dot to access a portrait of each participant in front of her home, a personal narrative and some of the video footage she took exploring the space around her home. Please take your time and scroll across the entire map image to see all the narratives.

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Heba Ahmad, Maram Dawood (Al- Mahsiri), Lames Frraj, Hana Ghalib, Hanadi Ghalib, Sana Ghalib, Shuruq Abu Hadid, Gaidaa Hasan, Wafaa Hasan, Kefah abu Laban, Sara Maleish, Abeer Mustafa, Hayat Nafiz, Hiba Nafiz, Dina Nayef, Moony Owdah, Razan Raja Owdah, Kanar Saad, Aya Salahat, Nagham Salahat, Wigdan Mohammed

6+ would like to thank: Naji Owdah, Haneen Owdah, Suhair Faraj Owdah for their great kindness and guidance; The Al Feneique Cultural Center for making possible our work with the Dheisheh community; Rawan Gedeon, Dalia Deareyyah, Aref Nammari and Ala' Younis for their translation work; Ben Kirkby for his technical support; Casa Libre in Tucson Arizona for providing a space for reflection and working together; and Kelly Leslie for donating bookmaking materials for the workshop.